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Sep 28, 2019

Recorded: 8/11/2019 (19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C)

Gospel Reading: Luke 12:32-48

Location: St. Lawrence Catholic Church and Newman Center at the University of Minnesota

Description: There is the "thief" that breaks in to come and steal your heart, and there is the One that knocks to come and fill your heart, bringing you a life of joy, freedom, confidence, and power. When our hearts are fastened to people, possessions, experiences, and attitudes, we isolate ourselves from being available to the life that the Lord wants to give us. Fr. Philip reminds us that the One who knocks—Jesus—will never force His entry, but rather asks us to freely open our hearts to Him. It is up to us to pray, "Come, Lord Jesus. I hear you knocking, and I want to open the door freely."

Reflection: What distractions in your life can you remove in order to hear Jesus knocking?

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