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Jan 18, 2020

Recorded: 1/12/2020 (The Baptism of the Lord, Year A)

Gospel Reading: Matthew 3:13-17 (21) 

Location: St. Lawrence Catholic Church and Newman Center at the University of Minnesota

Description: The baptism of Jesus does not make sense without knowing the deep love He has for us, His desire to be one with us as a human race. Jesus had no need to be cleansed; He had no sins to repent for. Instead, His baptism shows His humble wish to identify Himself entirely with our condition. The Lord's baptism is the start of His public life, just as our own baptism is the start of our life in Christ.

Reflection: What areas of your life, of your heart, have you been resisting letting the Lord heal and make clean? Picture yourself with Jesus, standing side-by-side in the muddy Jordan River, and allow the Lord to "dunk" you in His mercy and love.